"The art of chit-chat” - the necessity of catching up with close friends

I am of the belief that everyone needs someone. Even the most introverted of persons has at least one person with whom they can share at least two things with. "Why is that," some may ask; maybe it's because there's nothing better than catching up with an old friend and literally talking hours about absolutely nothing. It's the art of chit-chat that brings us closer to who we really are and what we really enjoy.  In other words, it's the art or the expression/the application of human creativity and imagination that even with all its flaws allows us to produce the words necessary to connect and share with others. It's the time where friendship works at its best. Where time and space is appreciated for its beauty or emotional power.  I'm grateful for the art of chit-chat, for the opportunities I have had to sit on the floor with my sisters, my best friend and/or loved ones and laugh until my stomach hurts. I'm grateful for the people in my life who have sat with me or I with them and have shared a glass of wine with me or I with them as we detailed moments of our lives, our children or even our community. I'm grateful for the best time shared with my kids. Moments where we talked about everything as we listened to nothing and found value in everything. Yes, my sweet readers I'm grateful for the art of chit-chat, that special moment in time when even the quietest of persons speaks up because he/she knows someone else is actually listening. So, as you make it through your week my beautiful friends find that one person with whom you can connect and catch up...chit-chat! Talk, laugh and be merry because life is too precious to spend it alone.