When All Else Fails

It's Memorial Day weekend and my favorite place of solitude is packed! It's extremely hot, and to top things off I had to hike to get here; but as I say in one of my poems, "I guess that's life!" Nonetheless, despite the crowd, the hike or the sun I had something that many would love to have: the company of people that live, love and laugh! Furthermore, God is so amazing that I was able to find a solemn place.. and when I got there I had my sweet Joaquin waiting to help me build my tent. It was nice to understand that no matter what the girls and I had to endure at the end we were able to enjoy such a beautiful holiday that honors our most beloved soldiers. 

This experience helped me recall something I heard in church this morning: when our reason fails trust the maker/owner/the lover of our soul: Jesus. His wisdom guides us, His peace surpasses us and His love covers us and helps us see that we have the spiritual support we need to continue our hike. 

I'm sitting here, in my spot of the world enjoying the beach with people I love, waiting for my baby to come, happy, relaxed and with the understanding that when all else fails I still have an everlasting love covering my every move. It's beautiful really. So, as you push through life's hikes my readers always have this in mind, when all else fails: trust! Everything is going to work out for your good.