Destination Georgia

So, this weekend I was part of yet another one of my nephew's milestones. I was able to load up my sister's car and head out for Georgia University's Vetcamp 2017. Where he was accepted for a piece of the summer. As we prepared for the trip we picked up two of my flowers and along the way, we heard music, sang, laughed, talked, ate at a rooftop, shared foods and drinks and of course slept. It was such a great trip. 

BUT, I must confess. Friday when I was driving home from work exhausted and with a headache  the last thing I was looking forward to was a ten hour car drive. But, we got it done, my nephew was able to start his Vetcamp and we didn't have to drive alone because we did it with help! Key word being "we." I don't know how well I would've done driving since in all the rush I had forgotten my glasses. So, having my flowers there was nice! It reminded me of the Bible verse in Ecclesiastes that states "two are better than one" for if one falls the other will surely pick him up. I picked up help without even expecting it and it turned into a memorable ride. 

Life is a journey my friends. I know I always tell you that. And trust me when I tell you I searched my soul for the answer of why I find that statement so important. So here goes, part of me just really wants you to carve that in your minds so you don't live with hesitations, regrets, or sorrows. The part of me just says it over and over so I don't forge it because I don't want to miss out on the car rides of my life for any reason! So, I urge you to go ahead and do the same! Who knows maybe you can pick up a flower or two, laughter, acts of love, kindness and/or that one person that'll pick you up when or if you fall. Or in my case if you forget your glasses. 

Enjoy your week my loves and don't forget your journey! Take the time it takes to make it count! Talk to you next week!