Calling all Dads

Today is Father's Day and of course I can not help, but recall the special moments I have spent with the men in my life from fishing with my Abuelo Lipo and having life long conversations with him to spending countless hours with my Abuelo Edelmiro learning about my family, my heritage and my his journey to America I have been blessed and I am eternally grateful! But none compares to the words of wisdom, the support, the love and the constant encouragement I have felt, had and experienced with my dad. My first true love & hero! The man that has taught me how to be loved by loving my mom for almost 50 years now! I'm truly blessed!!! 

As I think of my blessings I can not help but think of the grave value dads have and/or their importance in our family structure. The Bible calls them patriarchs, carriers of the truth, guardians of those under them. Hebrews 11 describes fathers as men who pleased God, heirs of righteousness, passers of the faith, promise keepers, game changers, and highly esteemed! I'm telling you that's no easy list!! 

So, to all the wonderful fathers or grandfathers out there reading, to the future fathers or patriarchs of entire families I leave you with this...understand your worth, hold on to your values and remember your words can move mountains and remain inside the hearts of your listeners for generations to come. God has called you to greatness! Pick up your shield and stand. I will forever be my Abuelo Lipo's sweetie, my Abuelo Edelmiro's nena and my daddy's little girl and no one can strip those titles away from me no matter how hard my life gets! So, speak words of love, encouragement, faith and hope to those you love and your legacy will always be remembered!!

As always I am grateful for the time you have allowed me to have in your life. I pray that God's love and favor follow you throughout your week and I can not close without reminding you that life is a journey! Enjoy the view!!

Until next week, "Chao!"