Be Yourself

   When I was little I wanted everyone to like me. So, when I even thought someone was being ugly to me I'd go crying to my Sweet Momma. One day, after wiping my tears she asked me a simple question, "are you a Bon-Bon?" I looked at her confused and quickly answered, "No". "That's right," she responded, "and even if you were, not everyone likes chocolate. So, Cyndi has to be Cyndi, no one 'needs' to like you, but you." Since that moment those words have been glued to my psyche. From that moment I have been me, no explanations needed. Let me tell you, those words have been a source of comfort especially in moments when I refused to confirm to the norm. I was thinking of my Sweet Momma this morning and the wisdom she has both spoken and shown me over the years and the following came to mind. 

    There is a verse in God's word that urges us to worry about what God thinks of us not other people. Especially since people can hurt our feelings or thoughts but ultimately it is God who will determine our soul's eternity. I find comfort in that because I know who I am in Christ. I am an imperfect, overly emotional, dramatic mess and still I know He listens to me every night and wants to hear from me every morning. 

    So you see my Sweet readers we might not be every one's cup of tea, but we are the apple of God's eye, we are above and never beneath, we are heirs of a kingdom that can not be bought with silver or gold. And even on our worse days that's what we have to recall. So, every day strive to please the giver of life, work to walk in His path and never, never forget eternity belongs to Him. No one else. 

    Being yourself is hard, but those that truly get you don't need explanations and the God that created you doesn't need any excuses. So you be you knowing that He is God. Live happy, be blessed and don't forget life is a journey, enjoy the Sunshine ️ 

Talk to you next week! I can't wait!!!