This one is for my Best Friend…

Hello, my unique readers, I am so glad you decided to join me today, because today above all other days, I want to share with you guys something super personal.  It deals with friendship and our ability to know when it is in our midst. 

Today I had four of my six babies with me.  And as I was preparing their meals, I noticed that I missed my best friend, the one person who understands my madness, sees my flaws and still loves me.  The one person who has laughed with me, cried with me and has stood in silence with me while we soaked in the hardest moments life has to offer. It made me recall a bible verse that states “there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother,” and it made me realize that yes, Jesus is the ultimate that friend that sticks closer than a brother, but he has also allowed us to be surrounded by that one person that represents his kindness, his mercy and his everlasting love.

I was thankful for my best friend and I immediately sent her a text letting her know how much I loved and appreciated her.  I missed her and as I wrote the text I cried because I realized that a best friend is hard to come by.  Please, know that your best friend is that one person who knows youthe real you.  The one that cries, laughs, jokes, praises, dances, stays still, loves, almost hates, and lives with regrets for and with you.  Friends like those are super hard to come by, so if you have one don’t waste time, let them know!  If that one person looks to better your life both earthly and heavenly than that’s a person worth fighting for, if not, let it go.  Because your best friend is that one person that tells you, “you’re wrong and the path you are taking will lead you straight to hell,” while letting you know that they will be with you in the journey nonetheless.  It is that one person you need to hold “closer than a brother” as the word states! So, if you have that one person in your life, I encourage you my dear readers to let them know how much they are loved!  Text, write, call, do what you must keep that friendship fresh, alive and ever growing.  Life is short my loves.  I know that because I have lost an older brother, a wonderful aunt, and grandparents that have shown me what it took to keep a family of eighteen together.  So, as you make your way through this week’s craziness don’t forget to reach out to your best friend, don’t forget to give them thanks for him/her and always remember to hold their hearts inside your hearts, because like I always say “life is short” so live it with no regrets!  Until next time, be happy my dear readers and know when love is at your door, open it!  It is worth the time, effort and energy!