Happiness is Key

I was listening to and reading a short discussion Jada P. Smith was having on the relevance of being happy as a mother. She was basically saying that happy moms make happy homes and if "Momma ain't happy," pretty much no one is happy. In essence she ended with the message that everyone needs to find their own happiness and as they do everything else would fall into place. I couldn't help but think about those words and the many years I had to raise two wonderful kids. I know for me seeing them happy was my motivation for going back to school, fighting for what they needed and pushing forward even on my darkest days. However, none of that mattered to them. What mattered was the memories we made along the way. The vacations we took. The nights we spent laughing, singing, joking, talking, etc. What mattered to them was seeing us (as a family) happy. They were happy when I was happy. 

Today, as we create new memories and we spend time with new additions to our family, I can see that same sense of happiness. The laughter that has flowed through our small camper this week has been irreplaceable. The joy, the shouts, the tears, the LOVE has been unforgettable. This is what matters most in life. Seasons come and go the word of God says, but love ️ love endures forever. And the joy we bring into it is our strength. 

So, as you make your way through this week my Sweet readers remember one thing. Happiness is key to everything you do. The word of God puts it best when it states that in all things we should give thanks for this is the will of God concerning you! You have to be happy in order for those around you to be happy. Happiness is contagious, it's intoxicating and at its very best it brings laughter and that laughter strengthens your soul! Be happy, love those around you and know that in this life we take with us only what we leave behind... leave behind unforgettable memories, leave behind love beyond measure, leave behind joy and happiness will follow those you loved the most! 

Life's a journey my Dears don't forget to make the best out of every situation and wholeheartedly hold on to that key! 

Until next week...