When All Else Fails

I was talking to someone I admire the other days.  We were laughing about my current situation and trying to make the best of it.  Then, during our conversation, in the midst of all the laughter, he said something to this effect, “Cyndi, in times like these be grateful because now you will see who your real friends are…[in talking about his own experience he adds] I know I did.”  Those words like many I hear throughout the day resonated in my mind.  And this week as I faced new challenges, moved my daughter back to Gainesville and I sought to find meaning with everything that has been happening, I realized that “yes, I am completely imperfect,” but those who love me don’t care. They see my imperfections, they might call me out my imperfections, and they might need me to improve on my imperfections.  BUT,that’s okay because at the end they see my imperfections as something else, something different.  They know I care too much, too deep, that I over analyze every situation and that my passion to make things better sometimes appears to make things worse.  And with ALL my flaws, they text, call, come to see me, wash my dishes, bring me dessert, get me out of bed, go with me to the beach, offer me jobs, bring me flowers, kiss me on the cheek and hold me tight!  They make me see that LOVE, even in its imperfect state, covers multitude of sins, errors, and/or mistakes just like The Good Book of Life states!

So, my Dearest Most Trusted Readers, as you make it through your week, remember this: “Those who KNOW you, know you well, those who don’t never did.”  So, laugh, smile, dance, go to the beach, feel the sun, touch a raindrop, skip (yes, I wrote SKIP!  When was the last time you skipped?) and THANK those people who are always there when all else fails.  Because life is a journey and in this journey the best “thing” to have is LOVE! Because with LOVE ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE!

Until Next Week, My Sweet Readers, enjoy your Journey, count every skip and remember to thank those who have shown you love.