What is Gold?

 Hello, my sweet readers, once again I have been blessed to come into your homes, chit chat with through my blog and share with you my most treasured thoughts. I hope my words this week will find you well and that you truly understand the immense joy I feel when I am able to chit chat with you!  It has been a blessing to me as well as for hundreds of people who have shared, commented and really gotten into our chats.  From the bottom of my heart, I thank you!

Today, August 5, 2017, we have had the most wonderful privilege to share with our family and friends my mom and dad’s 50th wedding anniversary. Their golden 50th!   It was a pure blessing.   And for those of you who were able to come and witness it, am sure it was a sweet reminder what love can and should look like after 50 years of marriage. 

As I mediate on the day’s events and I analyze the process of gold I cannot help but tie it into a bible verse that states that in this life we will be tried and tested, placed through the fire itself, but in the end, we will come out as good as Gold.  It also made me think about the process of making gold itself.  The making of Gold. you see,  is actually complex.  According to an article entitled How Products are Madegold is one of the oldest metals used by humans, it has been both the reason for people to share and fight, and in many cases, die over.  However, with all its complexities, it is also very malleable, once it has suffered major, major amounts of heat.  Somewhat like marriage itself. 

So you see, my Dear Readers, to celebrate 50 years of love means that we have to learn to be patient, kind, not easily angered or grudge holding, not boastful and never ever proud.  It is something that to me, without Christ, is nearly impossible.  However, it has been done by amazing people like my parents, my grandparents and many others I know and have loved in the faith.  To witness it, well what can I say?  It has been an eye opener, a small reminder to keep going, even when the going gets tough.

So, as you make it through the week, my Dear Readers, think of the process of gold, the immense heat it has to face, and its malleable properties.  Then, ask yourself, “will I make it with the person I love for 50 years?”  If the answer is yes, then put that relationship in prayer, bow before the one who gives it life and honor the God who will be with you even through the fire.  And know that you will experience a love of a life time and those around you will understand the true properties of gold.  Because gold isn’t something we just wear around our fingers, necks or ears, it is something we carry with us in our souls.  It is that one selfless thing that leads us to repentance and helps us be better people.   And if the answer to that question is no or it comes with doubts or fears, then run like the wind and never look back because perfect love cast out all fears.  Everyone deserves to be happy, but not everyone knows how to be happy.  That is why understanding life’s complexities is a necessity. 

Until next time, be happy my Dear Readers, know that life is a journey and in this journey, you will face the fire.  So enjoy the it, give thanks in the malleable moments, and never, ever lose hope.  Who knows maybe the next 50th celebration will be yours!

Until Next Week,