Oh! Hurricane Irma

Well my Dear Readers, I'm back and hoping these next few lines will leave you with a little ray of hope, with some kind of encouragement and with the knowledge that after the storm the sun is always lurking. 

To say we have survived Hurricane Irma is an understatement. As I ride around my neighborhood and see people's houses flooded with murky waters, destroyed roof tops, dead animals I can't help but cry. It's sad my dear readers, very sad. I'm sure if your going through the same problems you understand the sadness that overwhelms our hearts as we see so much loss. 

Yet, in the midst of tears and sadness I can't help but feel grateful that this too shall pass and that soon we will have water, electricity and the means to repair our homes. Something so many people around the world don't know or have! I'm taken by the word of God that let's us know His mercies ARE new every morning and I stand in silence asking Him to guide our paths and let us see how blessed we truly have it here in America. 

As my community of Montura Ranch Estates suffers I cling to His promises that "all things work out for our greater good, if we but love Him." And I do, I do love Him and I trust you do or will too. 

This storm is but a small reminder of how resilient humans beings can be! How amazing God made us and how strong we can become when we've lost it all and seem to have nothing else to give. 

Be hopeful my Sweet, Sweet Readers, learn to love the important things in life, like water and light! And give a little, share a little, love a lot and try to laugh every time you want to cry! God is always faithful. He is the calmer of every storm you will ever face. So, hold on to His promises! 

Until next time, I pray with all my heart that you find strength, love and peace for this journey because life is always a journey!