Pulling Out the Weeds

 Hello My Dear Readers, and welcome to my “peace” of the world. 

     This past week has been an eye opener to say the least and I have seen God turn things around in a way only He can do.  It has been amazing.  But as we all know before every rainbow there is always a little rain.   And this week’s rain has been the weeds that have been growing all around my back yard and around my rabbit and dog pens.  At one point, while I was feeding my animals I thought, “these once small weeds are going to reach my nose if I do not yank them out!”  It was awful. And those of you who truly know me know that I do not do well with heat (unless I am near water) and that I’d be terrified of anything that might come out of those weeds! Nonetheless, if I wanted to give my animals food in peace I was going to have to pull out those weeds.  So, I did.  And let me tell you, it gave me a new respect for those of you who garden and do lawn work, because it is brutal.

     As I was pulling the weeds I thought of Paul.  When he wrote in Galatians that “a little yeast, [would and could] work through the whole batch of dough” and ruin it! And I wanted to share that thought with you because sometimes in life we think, “well it’s just a little lie, a small distraction, a minor hiccup,” etc.  But before we know it the “minor” things in life turn out to be like the weeds that almost hit my nose!  So, as you make it through your week do not let the little things in your life that are bringing you down pile up.  Stop those little things, pull out those weeds, before the damage is such that you cannot repair it.

     Life is a journey my Sweet Readers and sometimes in this journey we walk through paths that are beautifully paved, with flowers and sunshine, but other times there are weeds and in those times we have to remember to “pull them out.” Don’t let the small things ruin your joy.  Let love grow in your life, let peace fill your hearts and when all else fails like hope move you along and know that you know that no garden ever looked good with weeds.

Until Next Week my Dear Readers, Take Care!