Hope Against Hope

Hello my Dear Readers,

     I trust you all had a wonderfully blessed weekend and that you have gotten yourselves ready for a new work week filled with new challenges, new blessings, and new adventures.  I know I am.  I have had such a wonderful weekend full of love, laughter, and joy.  I am ready to take on whatever the week has to offer!

     One of the smallest blessings that came my way was a nest full of baby rabbits.  This has been such a blessing because about three months ago, as I fed my rabbits I spoke to my Father God and I told Him, “God I would love to see my rabbits multiply.  Please, bring new life into my life, I’d love to see growth.”  I said those simple words and kept believing, hoping against hope... and low and behold, He brought forth eight!  Eight new baby rabbits, jumping, eating, playing and displaying their beautiful growth.  God answered my simplest of prayers.  And it has been amazing to see.

     So, as you make it through the week remember to hope against hope!  God told Jeremiah in Jeremiah 29:12-13 (NIV) that “when [we] call on [Him] and come and pray [He] would listen to [us]” all we need to do is “seek” Him and believe.  Call on the Lord, talk to Him in the silence of the night, in the quiet car ride to work, or even in your shower.  Remember He sees all, hears all and knows all.  If you seek Him, He will answer!

I pray many blessings over your lives as you walk your journey in Hope and I also pray that just as I saw new life come into my life, you see new life come into yours.  Live, love, laugh, dance in rain and remember, always remember you are loved!

Until next week!