Guns in the Schools, Really?

My Dear Readers,

Today I do not bring a topic on hope, happiness, or love, today I bring you a topic that many find controversial but one that I feel you need to hear from a different perspective.  I pray that as you read my words you understand my heart and know that these are just my opinions based on my experiences. 

This week the hot topic on the news has been “give teachers guns!”  When I first heard this absurd trend I truly believed it would die down and somehow someone with more common sense would see how harmful this could be, but no.  Instead, I seen the opposite from people who have never been in a classroom setting with unruly students and overworked, underpaid, stressed out teachers who do not need a gun in their hands, trust me!

Let me give you some examples.  In my 25 years of education, I have seen students slap, tackle, and punch teachers.  I have seen a student throw a water balloon in a teacher’s face so hard it left the teacher bruised.  I have seen students grab other students, throw them to the ground in a fit of anger and almost pauperize them right then and there over a MISUNDERTANDING…and the teachers on guard, speechless as they try to control the situations. Now add to those scenarios an outsider looking in with a gun in his or her hand? What do you think will happen?  If COPS are shooting kids accidentally, image schools with teachers holding guns in their hands!

American schools do not need guns.  They need security.  They need ACCOUNTABILITY and with that accountability follow-ups, routine visits from the state and local law enforcement.  They need mental health counselors that will actually show up and have sessions with the students.  They need parents who are consistent with the treatments at homes. They need faithfulness, forbearance, gentleness, joy, kindness, love, patience, peace, and self-control. Not more guns on top of guns.  Keep the schools secure, bring in the fruit of the spirit, and add to it the love of Jesus, and we will see a change. 

We work so hard to fix the outside, but Jesus said it was the inside that needed fixing (Matthew 23:26).  People are hurting, angry and bitter from the inside out, not from the outside in.  Taking a sword and cutting off our brother’s ear is not going to fix the problem.  Jesus told Peter, “put your sword back in its place…for all who draw the sword will die by the sword.” 

I personally do not want to see any more senseless school shootings on television or anywhere else and I firmly believe that schools need to be just as secure (if not more) as airports and government buildings, but trust me giving guns to teachers will not solve that problem.  It will just create more.

Remember life is a journey, my Dear Readers, let’s walk it in peace.    

Until next week,