“With Arms Wide Open”

Hello My Dear Readers,

Man, it has been quite a LONG time! I can’t help but feel guilty that I have let the busyness of

this world get the best of me lately. I did what I keep telling all of you not to do. I started letting

the cares of this world take away some of what I call “peace spaces, or spaces of peace”.

But I’m back and I have something to share that I hope will help each of you keep your peace

and remember life is too short not to do the things you love like sitting in the silence of your

room with your thoughts and a typewriter at hand…

Last week, I was truly able to live with my “arms wide open, [standing in awe of the One who

created it all]”. Everything I had been taught about Love, God, Jesus Christ, and the importance

of our Faith was put into action in a city called Cuenca with amazing people who go to the

remote areas of Ecuador and spread the love of Jesus Christ to children who literally RUN to

hear it! I saw God move in new ways, I experienced friendships being made, I witnessed God’s

love, and I stood in what seemed like a valley surrounded by mountains, with streams of water

rushing beneath, above and underneath us! I stood there happy for the pain, grateful for the new

people God had brought into my life, and appreciative for all the saints who had gone before me

over the years praying, and speaking blessings into my life: my grandparents, my parents, the

elders of the churches I grew up in, and many more! It was so surreal that just writing about it

takes me into a state of euphoria.


I tell you all this to say, never regret anything that happens in your life. Remember that the word

of God tells us that “ALL things work for our good!”. His word tells us that we might cry for a

night, but joy comes in the morning. And when you are frustrated because you couldn’t buy that

TV you wanted, remember there are children in the world, in 2019, that do not even have

electricity or running water, but RUN to a mountain side just to hear the word of God. Things

we can have and do every day. Be grateful, love with all your heart, and look for God, seek His

kingdom and His righteousness, and all the things in your life that do not make sense will be put

into its place. His word works all things out.

So, as you make it through the week, remember to be grateful, to love and be loved, and to seek

God in all you do. I promise your life will be forever changed.

Until next week I pray love, kindness, laughter and joy into your lives!