To Those Who Dance

Good Day My Sweet Readers,

I trust that you all had a wonderfully blessed week and that you remembered that ALL things were working for your greater good.  It’s good to remember that nothing that happens in our lives comes to a surprise to the wonderful God we serve!  

As you make it through this week I want you to also remember that when Jesus prayed for us, He wanted His will to be done, for His Kingdom to come and be among us.  So, what does that mean?  I am glad you asked… That means that with every new day we have a new chance to change the course of our lives and seek His will which includes being good to one another.  His will which means being able to forgive and be forgiven.  His will that tells us to pray without ceasing and to take care of what we have.

So, this week, remember the Lord’s prayer for us.  Forgive others, because sometimes we do things that need forgiveness.  Love, even when you are hated, because sometimes that sneaky hatred tries to creep into our lives.  Give thanks, because every day we eat, breath, drink water…some of things that not every human in this earth experience daily.  Praise God, because a little praise goes a LONG way… and guess what? We when we praise, miracles happen and God is there in the midst of our praises, remembering how much Jesus loved us!  It makes the sacrifice of Jesus real, true and everlasting.  And do NOT forget to ask our heavenly Father to keep us away from temptations…because BOY DO THEY COME!  But if Jesus was able to defeat death, then we can definitely defeat temptations.  

Be happy my Sweet Readers, live, love, laugh and “when you get the chance to sit it out or dance”…DANCE!  King David danced before the Lord and guess what?  It pleased God because David did it with all his heart.  Sometimes that’s all it takes…a little heart into what we do.  Plenty of times I have been both praised and criticized for my passion, but I rather have passion in something then absolutely nothing in everything! 

I cannot wait to write to you next week! Until then, I pray these words go from your eyes, into your mind, then to your heart and out of your mouth because out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.  

Speak goodness over your life this week and remember you were loved so much that the Maker of the universe gave His universal Son to die for you!  That’s big!  

Until next week,