A Chapter Close

Hey There My Sweet Readers!

Man, the past few weeks were a hard ones!

But, good news…I survived, learned and grew as a person and now I’m happy to be sharing my thoughts with you. 

I lost a beloved pet a couple weeks ago and boy did it throw me off. I couldn’t think, it was hard to get out of bed in the morning and every time I drove home and didn’t hear her barking in the backyard my heart sank further into my abyss. My week was busy at work so I didn’t have time to actually sit and grieve her. It was tough for so many reasons.

With the passing of my Sweet Buttercup came the closing of another chapter in this journey I call life. Buttercup wasn’t just a dog. She was the first pet in our home that actually saw my babies (now adults) grow up. She was the one that taught them how to love and care for animals. She was there when they got their first go cart, when they learned how to ride bikes and cars. She was there when Melanie broke her arm and when both my kids went off to college… and now she was gone. Just a memory and a reminder that I truly no longer have babies in the house. To say I was sad isn’t enough. 

But with every old chapter comes a new one and I’m grateful for the new. I’m also grateful for the word of God that promises us peace even in the middle of the storm. John 16:33 reminds us that this life isn’t perfect. It lets us know we’re going to  have sad moments, troubles but it also tells us to take heart! That if Jesus overcame the world we can overcome closed chapters. 

I trust that better is coming and I truly believe one day I will see my beautiful Buttercup again: whole, young and full of life. I believe that I will run the streets of gold with her and Chunky and experience all the love and joy we once felt. I believe that not because the Bible tells me so but because I’m convinced that God has given us a glimpse of how we will one day interact with the wonderful creatures He has created. That is my hope and in life we must always have hope!

It is hope that keeps us going, it is hope that helps us grow. I’m not going to tell you I was Wonder Woman throughout this entire ordeal. I would be lying. I had help getting through that week. But I can definitely tell you with certainty that I now know all good things may come to an end but God’s Word will always remain reminding us to take heart and have peace. It’s all good. 

So as you make it through the weekend remember to cherish every second!

Love your life, your family and yes, even your pets! Understand that some chapters will close but others will open and through it all life goes on!

So take a stroll through the beach, walk with a friend, call someone you haven’t spoken to in a while and if you get the chance to sit it out or dance I hope you dance!

Until next week.