What Happens When the Waters Get Too Deep?

Hello, My Sweet Readers,

I am so happy to be writing to you this beautiful day because each and every one of you have been on my mind.  As I make it through this journey I call life and learn my lessons (some good, so bad) I think of all the people out there that God has created.  I wonder if they might be going through the same things…everyday people like you that face challenges, some with help some without help.  I want you to know that even as you read these words you have someone praying God’s best for your life, hoping that my words bring you comfort and that you know how much you are loved.

As I write I am reminded about something I learned this morning from a young man I admire; a man who has been through heck and back and is still standing, but for the grace of God.  This young man spoke this morning truth into the atmosphere that I hope reaches good soil.  He said, “it’s when we are in deep waters that we truly know what God has placed inside us”.  As you hear news here and there, and go through the ups and downs of life, always remember that it is in deep waters that you truly know what God has placed inside you.  And DO NOT take it from me, no Sir or Ma’am, read it yourself.  Find it in the great book of life, read the 47th book of Ezekiel and know that if God was with Ezekiel He is also with you, even in the deep waters, step by step.

So, this week, as you make through your daily lives understand that God has placed something so special inside each of you, and that He is willing to see it through even in the roughest, toughest moments of life!

I wish and pray only goodness, mercy and love for your lives and until next time, do not forget to live, love, laugh and YUP…. if you get the choice to sit it out or dance, I pray you dance with all your heart, for it is the heart that matters.  Don’t forget that, ever!