Enjoy the Moments

There's a biblical verse that Paul wrote that says, "in every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you..." Here Paul is letting us know that in life things happen: life, death, happiness, sadness, etc. But "all in all," or "in all things" one should give thanks. Included in those "things," are those moments one should never forget. The birth of a child. The moment when you get to see where your love has taken you. The beginnings of a great friendship. Nature and all its glory (e.g. The sound of birds, the ocean, or the wind. The warmth of the sun on your face or holding a puppy in the palm of your hands). These are the things that matter! Not the bad day at work or the seemingly broken dream. What matters most are the moments you can capture in the most sacred places of your heart!

Life is a journey. King Salmon tells us within the journey we're going to cry, but we will also have the chance to laugh. We're going to mourn, but we will also dance! So, don't let the mundane, insignificant things take away your joy!! Enjoy your moments because before you know it today is gone and tomorrow is never certain. So, laugh, cry, work, dance, talk or be silent and in all things give thanks because this is the will of God concerning our lives and let me tell you it's a great will and a wonderful life! So, have a great week my loves and as always it was a great chat! I thank you for sharing your journey with me and be grateful, be happy and enjoy your moments. 

No Regrets!

I saw a short video not too long ago where Oprah Winfrey talked about life and how every event leads you to your destiny if you can for a split second see it that way. What she was saying reminded me of what Paul wrote in the book of Romans chapter 8 that "all things worked out for our good for those of us who loved the Lord." I am by no means comparing them but I couldn't help but see the similarities in their outlook on the things that happen to us good or bad. Or the things we choose to do in the oddest of times. As I get older I have to say that I get it! I used to live a life always regretting things I did or didn't do, things I said or didn't say. Now I count it all as a lesson learned or a opportunity for the next time... no more regrets about how, why, what, or where things happen for I get it! If I truly trust and love the maker of this world, if I truly understand God's love I can honestly say He's working everything out and guess what? He doesn't need our help isn't that great! So, live your lives my loves, create a relationship with your maker and know if He can hold the world  in His hand, our life is a piece of cake . And as long as we have Him...We can live regret free!

Love trumps Hate

I read something this week about how a man shot a young guy and was quoted saying 'go back to your own country'. I recounted the short time I worked at the Indian Reservation, the wonderful Native Americans I met there and pondered how they would feel about all of us. As I meditated on everything going on I came to this conclusion. To me, we literally live in the best place ever so why is it that we 'can't just all get along'? There's so much space in America. If you don't like a certain race, if you feel uncomfortable with a certain ethnic group or if another language bothers you, simply walk away. Go to a space that doesn't include what you don't like. Life is too short to be hating! If you're incapable of loving someone else then love yourself for goodness sake! I'm sure that at a six by six cell the murderer will not have the choice of his roommate which proves he doesn't even love himself. Love, if truly understood, will always trump hate. And I'm so thankful for the love that we do see in this world and even more for the love of Christ that passes all, encompasses all and shows us that love has no exceptions!