Love trumps Hate

I read something this week about how a man shot a young guy and was quoted saying 'go back to your own country'. I recounted the short time I worked at the Indian Reservation, the wonderful Native Americans I met there and pondered how they would feel about all of us. As I meditated on everything going on I came to this conclusion. To me, we literally live in the best place ever so why is it that we 'can't just all get along'? There's so much space in America. If you don't like a certain race, if you feel uncomfortable with a certain ethnic group or if another language bothers you, simply walk away. Go to a space that doesn't include what you don't like. Life is too short to be hating! If you're incapable of loving someone else then love yourself for goodness sake! I'm sure that at a six by six cell the murderer will not have the choice of his roommate which proves he doesn't even love himself. Love, if truly understood, will always trump hate. And I'm so thankful for the love that we do see in this world and even more for the love of Christ that passes all, encompasses all and shows us that love has no exceptions!