According to the American School Counselor’s Association (2014), “the primary responsibility of counselors is to respect the dignity and promote the welfare of clients” (Standard A.1.a.).  Achieving academic success allows each student to reach a level of maturity that otherwise may not be seen.  It allows them to focus on their future and become well-rounded citizens, which is the core of Clewiston High School’s Mission.  Below are some tips your student can take to develop academic success and achieve the balance needed to be successful in life:


1.     Set both Short and Long-Term Goals

2.     Set Priorities

3.     Learn how to take notes

4.     Stay Organized

5.     Develop Study Skills

6.     Manage your time effectively


Resources for achieving academic success


1.     SAP SuccessFactors

5301 Blue Lagoon Drive, Suite #790

Miami, FL 33126

2.     Join AVID

Clewiston High School

1501 S. San Francisco Street

Clewiston, FL 33440

3.     Time Management

Visit MindTool

4.     Developing Good Study Habit

5.     Overcoming Bullying (Cyber or Personal)